Licensing in Software Tools

  • 24 hour access to an online licensing service to manage licenses. This includes license activation and transfer without needing to contact support.
  • Greatly reduce the need for USB-based licenses that have presented several issues for our customers including theft, loss, and reliability problems.
  • Virtual Machines can be licensed directly without needing a USB license.  A USB license can be converted to a regular PC based license for greater reliability.
  • A new network license option is available to share licenses across multiple users and computers. The network license avoids the need to physically share a USB license, allows a license can be checked out for remote use (without Internet access), and is very simple to set up. Learn more about the network license.

Learn about Licensing

 licensing video

Watch our videos about the new licensing 

 There are three licensing options with our system. If you are unsure which option you have purchased, please refer to your invoice or contact sales.

1) PC Seat License  

  • Supports PCs and Virtual Machines without needing a USB-based license
  • License can be transferred from one PC to another with online system
  • License can be activated online or through another computer with internet access
  • Installation process automatically converts to the new license system by connecting to our licensing server through an Internet connection
  • Note:  With this option, USB licenses from previous versions will be converted to a PC Seat License during the installation process
 2) Network-Based License  
  • License can be shared across multiple PCs on a network without needing to physically share a hardware-based license
  • Allows a license to be checked out for remote use (without Internet access)
  • Supports PCs and Virtual Machines
  • Simple to set up during installation of the tool
  • Extra fees apply for this licensing option because it can be shared across multiple users
  • Learn more about the network license
  • Contact sales if you are interested in the Network-Based License.
3) Hardware-Based Dongle License  
  • For cases where a hardware-based license is needed for sharing across PCs that are not on the same network
  • Hard-coded USB Dongle that is programmed with your product key and mailed to you
  • Extra fees apply for this licensing option because it can be shared across multiple users
  • Customers with active Maintenance and Enhancement Plans are eligible for a one time upgrade to the Hardware-Based Dongle License (Test Harness and 61850 Test Suite)
  • Please note:  if the dongle is lost or stolen, we require that the full license be re-purchased before we will replace the dongle. In most cases, the Software-Based or Network-Based License will meet all requirements.
  • Contact sales if you are interested in the dongle license.  
Note:  Computers without Internet Access
For computers without Internet access, the licensing process requires exchanging files with another computer that does have Internet access in order to activate the license.  Simply follow the instructions provided by the installation software.   

Download Latest Version


Download the latest versions of our software tools from our Customer Web Portal.

Contact us if you have questions about our new licensing, or you can find more information in our TMW Licensing Guide.



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