DTM Architecture

The DTM architecture was designed to be as flexible as possible in order to support a wide range of use cases. Because SCADA systems are inherently distributed, a tool for simulating and validating SCADA systems must be distributed. DTM is a distributed system made up of a variety of applications that can be configured to satisfy a wide range of requirements. The main components are:

  • DTM Host – a service that runs all the protocol clients/servers (i.e. IEC61850, IEC60870, DNP, etc.). Each DTM Host is an application, usually run as a Windows Service, which can host multiple protocol specific clients and/or servers. Multiple copies of the DTM Host application can be run on a single computer, or spread across any number of computers on your network. 
  • DTM Administrator – Provides the user interface to manage the DTM network. This application can be run from any computer that has access to the network on which the DTControl and DTHost applications are running.
  • Additional Components – additional applications coordinate activities between the different components of DTM.
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