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Triangle MicroWorks Product Overview

Key videos:
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Add Industry Standard Communication Protocol Support to Your Device
  • Integrate Industry Standard Communication Protocols into a Project
  • Test, Troubleshoot, and Configure Devices
  • Learn About Industry Standard Communication Protocols
  • Conclusion

Triangle MicroWorks Products in the IEC 61850 Engineering Process

   Topics include:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Concept & Design phases
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) phase
  • Post-deployment phase
  • Conclusion

61850 Test Suite Pro

Diagnostic tool used to monitor, troubleshoot, and confirm the behavior of a substation.

Key videos:
  • Signal Flow Diagram & Logic Analyzer
  • Introduction to Test Suite Pro
  • Use in the 61850 Engineering Process
  • Sample Servers
  • Data Miner, Logic Analyzer & Custom Displays
  • Workspaces

Distributed Test Manager (DTM)

Simulate communications for all or a portion of the IEDs in a substation and create automated tests to confirm individual device behavior.

Key videos:
  • Substation simulation, point mapping, and Test Manager
  • Use in the 61850 Engineering Process
  • IOP 2017 Demo
  • Automated testing of protocol mapping
  • Data changes
  • Creating and using Workspaces
  • Introduction to DNP3 in DTM
  • DistribuTech 2015 Demo Intro
  • Demo: ICCP control operations
  • Demo: Breaker failure simulation
  • DNP3 SAv5 & User Management

SCL Navigator

Visualize, verify, repair, or create IEC 61850 System Configuration Language files

Topics Include:

  • SCL Navigator's role in the IEC 61850 Engineering Process
Product Features
  • Reduce Development Cost
  • Free internal resources to work on proprietary aspects of your company's products
  • Proven compatibility reduces software development risks

Communication Protocol Test Harness (TH)

Product Features:

  • Simulate Master and/or Outstation Devices
  • Monitor Communications
  • Perform Custom Functional Tests
  • Perform Protocol Conformance Tests

SCADA Data Gateway (SDG)

Product Features:
  • OPC Driver
  • Protocol Translator
  • Data Concentrator

DNP3 Forge

Product Features:
  • Create DNP3 XML Device Profiles
  • Validate DN3 XML Device Profiles
  • Configure/Manage IEC 61850 to DNP3 Mapping



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