Log Services

The Test Suite Pro Log Services provide a quick and easy means to view log data. Logs provide a mechanism for  an IEC 61850 Server in an IED to maintain Sequence of Events (SOE) information. Logs are based on datasets, and store information exactly as in reporting; only the transmission method is different.

The client must query logs to get the events. Multiple clients can query the same log, and multiple Log Control Blocks can store events in the log.

Shown below are several of the ways that Test Suite Pro can retrieve Log information.

View Log Data

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The left column in the Log display shows the header information for each entry in the log. Selecting an entry shows the data contained in the log entry on the right.

Log Viewer

Example of Log Viewer
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Auto Refresh

In IEC 61850, the client must query the log to get events. Test Suite Pro can be configured to automatically refresh the logs by setting a Refresh Log time interval.
Automatic Log Refresh

Set time interval to automatically refresh log
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Manual Query by EntryID

The log can be queried from an EntryID. Simply select the desired EntryID from the list and press Query.

Log EntryID Combo Box

Log Query by EntryID
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Query Logs by Time Interval

Logs can also be queried between two points in time by entering the start and end times.

Log Time Query

Log Query by Time Interval
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